Observation & Pretesting Study: Adaptation of Amazing Me for 2-Year-Olds/Parents

Rebecca Ledsky, MBS, Family Health International (Funded 2015-2016)

This goal of this project is to conduct formative/audience research to test a draft of a new book about and for 2-year-old children.  The book  that promotes developmental monitoring by parents while reading to their child, in order to improve early identification of developmental delays and disabilities.  The book is being developed in both English and Spanish by the CDC’s “Learn the Signs. Act Early.” program, and it is modeled after CDC’s successful book,  Amazing Me: It’s Busy Being 3! The project will involve testing the new book with 80 parent-child dyads in childcare/preschool settings, using observation and interview methodologies and affording controlled and at-home opportunities for book use by the parents when reading to their children. Parent and child reactions to the book will be assessed, in order to inform the LTSAE team’s decisions about revisions prior to the book’s publication and dissemination.