Developmental Monitoring and Language – Delaware

Beth Mineo, PhD, University of Delaware (Funded 2018)

The purpose of this project is to examine the feasibility and impact of Lear the Signs. Act Early. (LTSAE) materials on developmental monitoring and language enrichment supports that will be delivered through Women, Infants and Children (WIC) clinics across the state of Delaware. During the pre-intervention period (Months 1-4), instruments will be developed, baseline data gathered, and materials ordered/prepared. The two-stage intervention will be delivered to seven full-time WIC clinics during Months 5-8. Group 1 will include WIC clinics serving primarily urban populations (n=4). Group 2 will include WIC clinics serving primarily rural populations (n=2). The six-month intervention includes two stages: on-site set-up and training during the first two months (X1) and less intensive support during the latter two months (X2). The four-month intervention will allow for the measure of change in parents’ reported engagement, as families must visit WIC every three months for recertification of their WIC benefits. The post-intervention period will consist of data collection and measures of program impact and sustainability (Months 9-12).