Intensity of Interventions for Hearing Loss – Ohio

 Jareen Meinzen-Derr, PhD, MPH, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center (Funded 2018)

The objective of this proposed research is to assess the effectiveness of early intervention (EI) for improving both short term (language) and longer term (early academic) outcomes in children who are deaf/hard of hearing (D/HH) served through the state of Ohio’s EHDI program. This project was designed as a 2 year project and designed to achieve the following specific aims: (Aim 1) Determine if intensity of Part C Early Intervention is associated with better language outcomes in children who are D/HH served by the EHDI system. (Aim 2) Compare early academic outcomes between those who began Part C EI services by 6 months of age (early) and those who began Part C EI services after 6 months of age (late). (Aim 3) Identify specific factors of EI that are predictive of early academic achievement in children who are D/HH and had been served by the EDHI system.

To address the study aims, we will conduct a retrospective longitudinal cohort study, using data from a population-based birth cohort of children who are D/HH. Data from hearing screening/diagnostics, Part C EI, and education have already been linked to create a comprehensive longitudinal database of children born in Ohio who are D/HH. Although we already have access to data necessary for the proposed research, we will update our data with new education data. We are currently updating our MOU and DUA across the three main state agencies (Ohio’s Departments of Health, Developmental Disabilities, and Education). This will allow for additional data on outcomes and an increase in the sample size of children who have entered the education system (due to aging into the system at the time of this research). The data programmer will work with Drs. Altaye (biostatistician) and Meinzen-Derr (PI) to create analytical datasets specific for the current project. Work towards this deliverable (analytical datasets for each primary and secondary outcome) includes data cleaning, creation of analytical datasets for the aims, and characterization of interventions. Once we receive updated educational data, we will update our analytical datasets. Statistical analysis to address each aim will be conducted by Drs. Altaye and Meinzen-Derr. Deliverables include the following: a) annual progress reports to the funding agency and quarterly updates to our state partners and the ODH Newborn Hearing Screening Advisory Committee; b) presentations at EHDI conference focused on the specific aims of the project; c) publication in peer-reviewed journals focused on the specific aims for the project; d) data dictionary of all analytical datasets.