Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of Pain Interventions for People with Longstanding Disability

Pain, chronic pain, and pain management are of considerable interest in health care, however, little information is readily available about pain prevalence or management for people with longstanding disability. The overall goal for this project is to identify and report on literature related to pain and pain interventions for people with longstanding disability. As is typical for the methodology of systematic searches and reviews, questions rather than hypotheses will be addressed:

  1. What is the prevalence of pain in different disability conditions?  What are the differences among the disability types and attributes that contribute to observed outcomes?
  2. What is the most common pain management strategy for people with longstanding disability?  Are there differences among disability types, age, or other variables?
  3. What are the outcomes from common pain management interventions?  Are the outcomes the same for each intervention considering the disability type?
  4. What is the status of the literature related to scientific rigor and bias?