Stakeholder and Partner Dissemination Network

The DRDC has organized a Stakeholder and Partner Dissemination Network (SPDN) to support its Dissemination and Policy Core.  The SPDN members participate in disseminating DRDC/NCBDDD research and other funding opportunities, and in providing expertise and support for DRDC activities, as requested.    The SPDN members disseminate to their constituents and sister organizations that share a common interest.  They engage in cross-promotion by utilizing their own print, electronic and social media strategies to support the dissemination efforts of the DRDC.  SPDN organizations are those that are committed to promoting and supporting the strategies, efforts and activities related to the research, policy and evidenced based programs specific to the priorities of NCBDDD and DRDC. For further information on becoming one of our partners, please email us and put Stakeholder and Partner Dissemination Network in the subject line.