LTSAE – Missouri’s Phase II

Janet E. Farmer, PhD, Principal Investigator, University of Missouri. This project will build on Missouri’s successful Learn the Signs Act Early (LTSAE) pilot that was conducted in partnership with the Women, Infants and Children (WIC) nutrition program in St. Louis City. The pilot established partnerships with WIC agencies and developed a LTSAE protocol for enhancing awareness of developmental milestones among low-income parents of young children enrolled in WIC. Two key components of the program …Read More »

Using Technology to Conduct LTSAE Outreach at Georgia WIC Clinics

Rosa I. Arriaga, PhD, Principal Investigator, Georgia Institute of Technology. Technology for monitoring early childhood developmental milestones and its adoption among low-income mothers of young children has not been evaluated. This study will focus on understanding the utilization of technology among WIC participants with the goal of discovering what interface might be most useful for the task of tracking milestones. The project will also involve implementing and testing the Learn the Signs Act …Read More »