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WI-IN Partnership to Evaluate Use of LTSAE in Childcare Settings

Gail Chodron, PhD-Candidate, Principal Investigator, Joan Ershler, PhD, Co PI, University of Wisconsin-Madison. (Funded 2014-2016) In order to be meaningful, effective, and sustainable, any attempt to improve developmental monitoring in childcare settings must take into account the combination of local, state, and federal factors that shape provision of childcare, and be conducted in coordination with stakeholders […]Read More »

Project to Learn About Youth – Mental Health (PLAY-MH) – Ohio University

Julie Owens, PhD, Principal Investigator, Ohio University. (Funded 2014-2016) Children and adolsecents with mental health problems, including internalizing, externalizing, and tic disorders exhibit high rates of health risk behaviors that create significant impairment in daily functioning. These problems are costly for the education, healthcare, and justice systems, particularly given that many struggling youth go unidentified […]Read More »

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